The Wayside

On the gritty streets of anywhere, U.K., transient Rick Reed embarks on an edgy, surrealistic, if not altogether supernatural journey along, 'The Wayside'. Shot entirely on location in Dallas, Texas, local filmmakers Leo Faubion and Derek Presley explore in, 'The Wayside', the harsh existence of the homeless, delving into their hardships and heartbreak in contemporary society.

Plagued by self-doubt, drugs and alcohol, a self-absorbed and self-deceptive Rick Reed finds his true being through a series of hallucinations, or are they visitations? Facing his fears sidelong, the tale of Reed is ultimately a story of forgiveness, hope, and redemption. Throw in the two director's odd assortment of characters, sprinkle liberally with dry-wit, add a mysterious rat, and you to will venture onto the 'The Wayside'.

The Wayside has earned two Accolade Awards for Excellence: Feature Film and Lead Actor (Leo Fabian as Richard Reed). Click  HERE to read the interview with Leo.