Director's Note

"Loving the Last, the Lost, and the Least."

The cast and crew of the narrative feature, "The Wayside", not only grew as producers, directors, actors, a.ds,, gaffers, grips, and'during our forty one days of production and month of post production , more importantly as we shot amongst the homeless in Dallas, we grew as human beings. We found an understanding during this production we perhaps have not had since we were small children, an understanding about acceptance of people as people, regardless of their station in life. We shook hands with brothers and sisters we never knew we had, we gained an understanding of the whys and hows some are less fortunate than others. We were helped, paid attention to, and made comfortable amidst the helpless, ignored, and uncomfortable. We realized that the day to day problems we complain about are not really worth mentioning. Most importantly we looked at people society rarely chooses to observe, and realized that once we stopped and paid attention, we saw ourselves, and that is a very sobering notion.

On behalf of the entire cast and crew we thank you for your time, encourage you to help the homeless, love one another, laugh often, and enjoy our first feature motion picture, "The Wayside".

Leo Faubion II, President, Seat of Your Pants Productions: Producer/Writer/Co-Director/Actor "The Wayside"

Posted by Honeysuckle on 10-13-2011
I might be betanig a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!
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